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  • Five things to never put in your practice marketing. Get this right and your return on investment will skyrocket. Hint: your competitors are doing this entirely wrong. 
  • The only metric you should be worried about in today’s economy and slow-to-no growth professions of hearing care and audiology. This is the ticket to extreme success.

"What you don't know about running your practice could come back to haunt you."

~ Jared Brader, MBA, Practice Owner

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What readers say

"Jared is a marketing genius." He is one of the most talented business owner/consultants I know."

Dr. Kamal Elliot, AuD
Practice Owner & Philanthropist

"The great news is that you are providing the tools to truly dominate."

Dr. Al Turri, AuD
Director of Audiology

"Studying every email and mailer I receive from you and finding golden nuggets throughout."

Dr. Karen Melton, AuD
Practice Owner

About the Author

Jared Brader, MBA, is a speaker, teacher, author and business strategist for thousands of audiologists and hearing care professionals located in countries throughout the world. He writes and edits five newsletters monthly, is a director of the Sound of Life Foundation and operates a large multi-doctor, multi-clinic audiology and hearing care practice with locations throughout the United States.

He is a champion of the private practitioner and has a long track record of helping audiologists transform their practices and leave a strong legacy for their families, employees, communities and the audiology profession.

His audiology marketing campaigns have generated over $173 million in revenue for his clients and privately held practices. He has personally funded more free audiology treatments to American adults in need than any other individual clinic owner in North America.

Jared Brader, MBA

Fellow Practice Owner

Marketing System Architect

Practice Consultant

Dad to Four

For a Limited Time, the First 197 Audiology and Hearing Specialists Can Claim a Free Copy of The Renegade Audiology Mindset Shift.